student projects

03/26/2021 - Lakeland School Corporation is excited to share news from our preschool programs located at Wolcott Mills Elementary and Lima-Brighton Elementary! In the spring we look forward to the transition to kindergarten. Part of the transition process is testing kindergarten readiness. This year the results of screening at Lakeland Primary’s All Aboard for Kindergarten event indicated that Lakeland preschool students are starting at the head of the class!

The average score for all students screened for the class of 2034 was 48% of questions correct. The average for students attending non-Lakeland preschools was 43% of questions correct. Our Lakeland preschool students averaged 75% of questions correct on their readiness testing. Readiness testing looks at letter and number identification, shapes, colors, letter sounds, parts of a book and much more.

Lakeland preschools were also recently awarded $3600 in grant funding through On My Way to PreK, to purchase indoor growing towers for their programs in both buildings. The towers will be used for real life lessons in math, reading and science. Experiential learning is important for these growing scholars.
Lakeland preschools focus on learning skills through play. Students spend their day working in collaborative centers, singing, practicing social skills and having fun while learning! Thematic units make learning exciting and creative.